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A true lady will always start with the basics. She may become sophisticated, outstanding and impossibly stylish – she will always return to the basic structure of her ’ladiness’.

What Andreea came up with during the workshop was a structure comprising what she likes to call ’KM 0’ - a neutral state of movement (or mind, if you like it) during dance. On top of this ’KM 0’ the dancers may add all sorts of elements such as shoulder rolls, hip movements, torso contractions or arms lines and curves.

Acting like an impulse which goes from your feet to the rest of your body, the way you step is able to cause a chain of reactions inside your legs, hips and torso and can go on within your shoulders, arms and head. That being said, lady styling can be easily reduced to the inner energy in your body which starts in one point and moves throughout all the others.

How to control this energy or focus it one way or another, this is another story.

What could be helpful for you ladies is the following – the more you add on top of your  ’KM 0’, the more often you should revisit the basics in order to make sure you refine your style.






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