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Dansul social, o experienta unica Dansul social, o experienta unica

No matter what is the corner of the world where you choose to socially dance, beyond the local customs, there are some applicable general rules with reference to the permissible or non-permissible things 

YES, the hygiene is mandatory. Frequently, the people come to the dance courses or clubs directly from the work after a long and exhausting day. This is not an excuse. The shower, deodorant and a clean shirt are just a few essential accessories.
YES, the politeness is mandatory throughout the dance. Invite politely, say always thank you  at the end (especially if the man was the one who invited) and you can escort the partner to the place where from you took her at the beginning.
YES, the ladies can also invite to the dance.

YES, you can refuse when someone invites you, but do it politely and eventually give an explanation.
YES, it's good to have in your bag two or three T-shirts to change the sweaty  closing.
YES, it's completely rude to interrupt a pair while dancing to salute them.
YES , in the salsa dancing you can invite more partners at the same time for a dance.
YES, the dance ends at the same time with the music. If  you are executing a "figure" and the music stopped at the halfway through your sequence, finish it, and do not continue.

YES, the smile does wonders. Many dancers prefer a beginner who enjoys sincerely what he/she feels instead of a frown virtuous partner who does not want anything else but to ostentatiously display his/her prowess.

DO NOT invite immediately after being refused. Or if you really want to dance, invite somebody from another part of the room.

DO NOT  accept another invitation immediately after refusing someone a dance.

DO NOT  make conversation while you are dancing. If you talk, you cannot listen to the music. Besides, in order to cover the high level of the music from the club, you should shout in the ear of the partners, what is not recommended.
DO NOT  teach lessons in the club. Dance, enjoy yourself of what you do and postpone the explanations for the dance courses. .
DO NOT  chew gum while dancing. However, if you do it (it is preferable instead of an alcohol soaked breath), do it with discretion.
DO NOT  change the street shoes with the dance ones on the edge of the dance floor. We do not want to know anything about your socks! Certainly, the organizers have provided a space where you can arrange yourself quietly.

DO NOT  lean on each other when dancing with your (she) partner, particularly if your shirt is soaked in sweat. Extremely sweaty. Let her establish the distance at which she wants to dance with you.
DO NOT make an explicit foreplay from the social dance. You can try  beyond the dance space.

DO NOT  make acrobatic movements in the club. Never, with anybody.
DO NOT  stand in the middle of the dance floor. You can watch from the edge.
DO NOT  sing in the ear of the partner. Dance and postpone the vocalizations for the shower.

DO NOT  abandon the dance before the end unless the reason you have belongs to the health problems. It is about four through five minutes, no more.


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