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A lot of courses are already waiting for you! You can enrol (use the password: oportunidance) & learn interesting and funny staff in up to 6 languages.

According to the Project’s planning, new lessons will be added each month! Until the end of 2017 we will have 360 lessons, organised in 3 levels and 4 specific objectives for each language, 72 modules in all. You will be free to choose to be involved in up to 720 hours of language improvement, cultural discoveries, interaction with other languages and dance fans, personal development, intercultural communication and many other surprises!!!

Enjoy our videos, articles, pictures, workshops and follow us on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+ or Dailymotion. FIND OUT ABOUT MULTIPLIER EVENTS!

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Oportunidance Language Platform

Oportunidance Language Platfor…

07 September, 2016

Improve your language skills in English, French, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese and Romanian...


Barcelona 2016 - Oportunidance Event

Barcelona 2016 - Oportunidance…

19 July, 2016

The end of June brought a ton of joy and exciting discoveries inside our dear Oportunidace...